Monday, April 23, 2012

Fanzine Days- Carl Potts interview

Back in late 1989, my pals Phred, Mike and I wanted to do something to show our love for comics. The thing to do back in the day was a fanzine! We didn't have the internet yet and digital pre-press was in it's pupa stage. The three of us put this little magazine together with an old Mac 2 and our imaginations. 

All I can say was I was a lucky dude. My pal Phred went to art classes with Carl Potts, who at the time was the editor of the Punisher books, and also in my opinion, the greatest talent coach there was. Carl is the guy responsible for putting together a group of guys who would later form Homage Studios, and later Wildstorm.  Carl not only knew talent, but also knew how to cultivate and grow the talent. Needless to say, as a young comic book artist want-to-be, I was so stoked when Carl agreed to do an interview with me on the subject of breaking into the business. His advice is as good now as it was then. 

Enjoy the interview. I've also thrown in a few bonus pics. One by my pal Mike Gomez and me, another by me, and last, a rare ad that Jim Lee drew for Flying Colors comics.

 It's been a minute...


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  1. Great stuff. Its cool to read how they used to do comics with Xerox machines. Nice flashback Dan