Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Korn FX "Coming Undone"

Back in 2006 my buddy Lil X was directing the video for Korn's song Coming Undone. The video was an effects driven one where the sky falls apart, then in the last act, the band comes undone. Now, X is a master artist in his own right. In fact he's the reason I wanted to get into storyboarding. He got his start boarding for Hype Williams. When I got a call from him to help design effects for the band coming undone, I was super stoked! These boards are a bit looser, and were used for the FX company as a guide as how to have the band fall apart. X and I had a discussion and I went to town. Below are the FX boards followed by the video itself. 


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  1. Can you give any more details on how the effect of their bodies 'coming undone' was done? I'm thinking rotoscoping and key-framing their bodies to stretch out to make it appear they're bodies are unraveling. Let me know if you get a chance, thanks!