Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Rise of the Silver Surfer

I remember the 7th grade; a kid brought an actual copy of Fantastic Four #1 to school. It was a classic story: his grandparents found it perfectly wedged between some magazines in the attic. I was impacted by this in two ways; I became a Fantastic Four fan and I always asked my grandparents if I could go look through the attic in hopes to find some unknown treasure! (to this day, I think attics contain pirate maps and mint condition comics) true story.

Anyhow, when I was asked to work on FF2, I was thrilled. 

As promised, here are some of my Fantastic Four storyboards. 

Pretty soon, I'll post new stuff.....
Until Next Time....

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  1. Awesome stuff Dan!!!

    Cool story about the kid who brought in the copy of FF#1.