Tuesday, November 15, 2011

An Idea for our Future


An accurate visual map of time and space that is user generated using technology that currently exists.

Imagine being able to go to a website on your phone or PC , type in a place, time and angle of view into a search engine and come up with near to exact results that include photos and videos taken within your search specifications. For example typing in December 31st 2007 11:59:49 PM to 12:00:10 AM, NYC, Times Square, and all facing east. The results would be every photo and video taken at that exact place and time bracket, facing east. You could literally  have a VR of that place and time like you were a time traveler. You could see an existing interpretation of that New Years Eve event from that even! Imagine if all historic events were covered that way. How would the day that JFK was assassinated look in Dallas? What if more than user generated media was added to the database like security cameras or dedicated timeslice cameras?  With technology today that includes lidar, accelerometers, meta tagging, gps and google earth, this vision is possible within 3 years. TimeSlice is a social networking site that would add a bonus of the dimension of time. Users can keep time accurate journals, submit videos and photos and businesses like Movies, music, television, and other media can benefit from this new format to promote and fortify their projects (production diaries, countdowns, new press). Other sites like photobucket, flickr, facebook, myspace, etc could also be added to the database with their cooperation. The benefits are endless. Imagine if this technology existed 100 years ago. It does today and the sooner we start the database, the sooner we'll have time mapped.  Education and community. This is evolution and revolution in one. 

The issues that my idea address are that we have no real map of our history and that many people have no idea of how the rest of the world lives. What we have as our time capsules now is paper, stone, metal and unorganized interpretations of our histories that have giant gaps in them.. Currently, what we know of our worlds cultures is what we see on TV. TimeSlice would help solve this by allowing the world to see itself in its glory and over time path how it's improved or declined. The world's replay machine.

Anyone who craves knowledge and community. A person would be able to network with friends and have the world at his or her fingertips. I try to imagine if this was set in motion 50 years ago or 30 or 10... If we start now, our kids will get to see how it really was.

Get a universal meta tagging system in cameras that include a GPS, accelerometer, Lidar info and a true sync that keeps the metadata in check. With this system of tagging in these new cameras, we could literally start mapping the world. The lidar could start gathering 3d data that could be a supplement to google earth. This coupled with a site that encourages people to upload and share their photos will get the database rolling. Even without the Lidar and accelerometer info, people could start the site today as long as a true sync system could verify the actuality (time and place) of the pic or video. The users and mapping team would be a living growing database of our time from that point on. All previous historical data would be entered in the database and be included in the timeline previous to TimeSlice verification.

The world would have its own virtual time travel machine that would only be limited by it's users contributions. The success would be measured with the understanding that the success is compounded over time. As time goes on, more is added to the database creating a larger model of our world.

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